The GovernING Body


  • Max Radley

    I have over 25 years’ advisory experience within Financial Services.

    I work for a National Building Society and I cover the Coalville, Ashby and Swadlincote branches.

    My employer strongly encourages us to help local charities with many community projects and this forms a major part of their philosophy of building a stronger society.

    I am married to Kim my wife and my children, aged 13 (and attends Forest Way) and 11 years old.

    My interests are spending quality time with my family and supporting my children’s out of school activities. I enjoy cooking, gardening and also, as I am a qualified pilot, I enjoy flying whenever I am able.


  • David Richards

    To leave the world in a better place from where we last found it is something that has stuck with me for the last 10 years. I am currently working in a Technology Company and ever since my son was born it has resonated with me, but a lot more since he was diagnosed with ASD. I am forever grateful for the support and the community within in Forest Way and this has inspired me to apply for this role. I am applying for the role of Parent Trustee because I believe that I can fulfil that statement.

    At work I also believe in human connection, breaking down barriers and creating an experience both for team and customer, enabling them to fulfil their goals. I currently advise leaders on opportunities that will better these experiences. I am also part of an Accessibility DNA at work which has helped me understand being fair and consistent to all with needs in and out the industry. Also, a personal goal for me is to drive awareness of sensory shopping hours to all who could take advantage of them.

    Outside of work I am a typical family man, all frantically living our best lives in Coalville. I love to travel, sight see, play games and be there for those who need me. I am a great listener, which is why I love work so much.  I love listening to people’s hobbies, interests, concerns and what makes them happy and that ties in nicely to a belief of mine, human connection. I would love to showcase these through this role: human connection and making sure we keep on trying to leave the world in the better place.


  • Amy Harris

    I have spent the majority of my career working within the brick manufacturing industry, with my main focus being on health and safety and staff development and I am currently an Associated Director of Health and Safety. I am a big believer in collegiate working, with all stakeholders as this is how we achieve our best. 

    I have two children, one of whom attends Forest Way. I’m a keen cook with a passion for interior design, I also love to dabble in upcycling and crafts. 

    Having a daughter at the school means I have seen first hand what a fantastic establishment Forest Way is and so it brings me great pleasure that I will play a small part in its future.

  • Katherine Thomas

    I have spent most of my career working in the food industry, focussed on developing a continuous improvement approach to business. I am currently a business improvement consultant who helps leadership teams deliver the systems, capability and culture to perform more effectively and efficiently. I am also an executive coach and this involves helping people to be the best possible version of themselves and encouraging a growth mind set. Outside of work, I love to spend my time walking in the surrounding countryside with my husband and energetic Labrador dog. I am also very lucky to have outdoor space where I grow vegetables and cultivate a beautiful garden. Being outside and enjoying nature is very important to me and the incorporation of outdoor experiences at Forest Way is one of the things that draws me to the school.

  • James Shanley

    I have joined the governing body as a Community Governor, having retired from the Ministry of Justice after 34 years. I am delighted to be involved with such an outstanding school, where each day I witness a great deal of professionalism from committed staff and such enthusiasm from the pupils. I have been a foster carer for 18 years. All of my children attend the school. When I have some free time Wendy, my wife and I tend to go cycling and I am always being told off for fixing bikes in the kitchen. I have over 30 years’ experience of working with people with special educational needs and disabilities.

  • Roy Cafferty

    I retired from HSBC Bank in 2011 after working for them for 41 years. At the time of my retirement I was a Senior Commercial Manager based at Grove Park in Leicester. I am married with 3 grown up children and 5 grandchildren. I also Chair the Leicestershire Board of Young Enterprise, a national charity aimed at providing young people with the opportunity to experience the world business. I am also a member of Bradgate Rotary Club and have been involved in arranging for the sponsorship of a number of individuals to attend the Calvert Trust, a residential outward bound centre in the Lake District.  It was through this connection that I was introduced to Forest Way School.  I was subsequently asked if I would consider joining the Governing Body and I look forward to helping the teachers and staff continue the excellent work that they do.

  • Gail Seaton

    I have been Headteacher at Forest Way for 5 years and I feel very privileged to be working with such a supportive and committed team of staff and trustees. I have worked in education for over 25 years, this includes experience in mainstream primary and secondary schools as well as an international school. In my spare time I enjoy cycling, walking and occasionally some very slow running.


  • Michael McQuade

    Previously, I worked for a bank starting work aged 15 as a junior and my first jobs were to make the fire, fill the ink wells and make the tea. I ended my banking career after being a Branch Manager for 17 years, and an Area Manager for 10 years as a problem solver. I still hold the record I believe for saving the bank more money than any other single employee. I was also a director of the bank’s pension scheme and a member of the appeals panel.
    After leaving the bank I became a Director of a Performance Management company and travelled to countries in Europe, Scandinavia, the Middle East and Africa preaching the gospel of competence development. I have a belief that schools, colleges and employers should all strive to develop the pupil/employee to be as good as they can be. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs was a great influence and if we get our people to reach their full potential then there will be greater self-fulfilment, less stress and less strife in the home, in the workplace and in society.
    To achieve these aims does not require college degrees and extensive reading of technical journals but can be achieved following a simple process. First, is a need for concern for others then use a process that works. I use the Seven Steps of Performance Management. Having reached the ripe old age of 73, I have collected a set of values and opinions which naturally may match or differ from those of others, but my experience tells me that it is best to keep my own council until I am asked for my opinion. Adults do not like criticism, and most cannot take criticism.
    I am married, have 3 sons, 6 grandsons and one granddaughter. One of my grandsons is a pupil at Forest Way School. I am an ex-Round Table, currently Chair on my 41 Club and am treasurer of a girl’s football club. I lead the Leicester Cathedral Walking Group.

  • Debbie Gerring

    I have been in the teaching profession for 33 years and have worked across mainstream schools, pupil referral behaviour units and various special school provisions. I have held 2 headships during this time and really relished this position. My first Headship was at a Specialist Speech and Language School in Derbyshire. The school was in ‘special measures’ when I first took up the Headship. Together with my team we moved the school to become ‘outstanding’. My second headship was at another Special School in Derby. This is also an ‘outstanding’ school with a rich and diverse curriculum which motivates and inspires students to achieve their best. I have worked as a National Leader of Education with a specialism in Special Educational Needs. This means that I have been lucky enough to go across the country advising and supporting schools on their improvement journey. I am now semi-retired. I work for a couple of days a week as a consultant to special schools in Derby, Derbyshire and Surrey, as well as chairing the board for a school development charity and chairing a school board of Governors. My philosophy on education is that every child matters. As teachers we must aspire for each and every child, supporting them with care, patience and professionalism to be the very best they can possibly be. Offering opportunities so that they can develop and achieve academically as well as grow personally and socially. Enabling each child to believe in themselves as a valued citizen with a positive contribution to make. I feel this chimes well with the approach and belief in children at Forest Way School. I am really thrilled to have been asked to be a Member at Forest Way. I look forward to understanding more about the school, working with the team and learning about the role, which is new to me..

  • Nick Parmar

    I have been involved in secondary education for 33 years since qualifying as a physics teacher. The vast majority of that time was spent working in the Leicestershire upper school system, initially in Loughborough followed by 16 years as a senior leader as Bosworth Academy, Desford.

    I would like to think that my contributions helped the school attain Outstanding status in 2017, the only Leicestershire upper school to do so after the upheaval of phase-change reorganisation.

    My leadership responsibilities changed over the years from pastoral to progress to curriculum design, implementation and staffing. I always sought to inspire and support developing leaders until opting for early retirement in 2019

    After a short spell of property development, and initially as a favour, I returned to education as an ordinary classroom-based physics teacher in the private sector.  I am really enjoying re-living the joy of directly teaching and inspiring young people into the pleasures of discovery and learning, the reason why I entered the profession in the first place.

    I will bring a perspective and experience to the Member role that would, I believe, compliment that of other members and trustees

  • Mark Kirton

    I work locally as a project manager for an international company and it was through arranging community support over a couple of years at the school that I was approached to become a "member". Previously I was a parent/governor for a large Leicester primary school for 8 years. I am delighted to have been invited to become a "member" of the school. This role is about having separation and independence from the Trustees, with an impartial oversight on how they are managing the school and plans for the future – to the benefit of the children and parents/carers. Rugby grabs my attention and I do try and have a run about every now and again, even though I’m not as fast as I used to be.