Contact Us

Please use the details below to contact us.

Forest Way School
Warren Hills Road
LE67 4UU

Headteacher - Gail Seaton
Chair of Trustees / Directors - James Shanley, who can be contacted via the school

Please address your queries to our school office on the number below
Tel: 01530 831899

Please note that all calls to Forest Way School are recorded for safeguarding and monitoring purposes.


Safeguarding contacts
Designated Safeguarding Lead: Gail Seaton - Headteacher

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads:
Sarah Wallace - Deputy Headteacher
Leanne Larder - Assistant Headteacher
Sam Woodward - Assistant Headteacher​

Prevent Single Point of Contact (SPOC): Gail Seaton - Headteacher
Designated Teacher for Children in Care: Sarah Wallace - Deputy Headteacher
Nominated Safeguarding Trustee/Director: James Shanley

Pupil Careers contact
Tim Lees - Careers Leader
Tel: 01530 831899

Parents Helpline

We do run group tours of the school for parents or carers who are interested in their child attending Forest Way.
if you wish to arrange a tour of the school, please email