School Council

What is the ‘student voice’?

Student voice is extremely important.  As the largest collective group of people within the school it’s important that students get the opportunity to share their ideas about the future of the school and our school council play a very important role.

How does the school council operate?

A school council will run for an annual term in office.  In other words, new school council members may be elected every year or previous school council members will put themselves forward again to stand as a member.  This gives a larger group of students the opportunity to get involved and generate new ideas; begin fresh each year.  

The school council consists of members from Key Stage 3, 4 and Post 16. Each class has one representative who can stand for school council. This is to ensure the school council is an effective size and not too big.

In total there will be 11 students from across the school who attend the meetings on a regular basis.

Minutes from these regular meetings are given back to class teachers for all year groups, to ensure that everyone is aware of the council's work.

What makes a good school council member?

This person needs to be all of the following: motivated, organised, positive, assertive, caring, a good listener, have strong communication skills, diplomacy, confidence and have awareness of other views. 

They are an ambassador for the school and should be willing to attend school events and meet visitors to talk about their school.

Sports Council Minutes

12th October - Today we had our third Oaks sports council meeting. We are continuing to meet new members each week and welcoming them to the team. We started off by participating in passing the talking balloon around and sharing a fact about ourselves and what our favourite sports are. We went into a lovely discussion, around different areas we can look at for our yearly project to subject student wellbeing. We discussed the use of sports council badges, so other students would know who to come to if they had any suggestions or needed support. 

30th September - The Acorns sports council met for the first time. The students had already been thinking in the week prior about possible ideas to improve sport around the school. Some students came with a mind map of fantastic ideas and other students shared their experiences in PE and how we can ensure PE is inclusive for all. 

School Council

Sports Council